“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” -Brené Brown


Coasting along, but wanting movement in a particular area of life? Start with a FREE consultation. Then, schedule a series of weekly meetings, each lasting approximately 50 minutes, for a term of three months. Whether you want to meet face-to-face, online, by phone, or a combination of these options, I can help you meet your goals while paying attention to the following concepts:

"A 'mom coach' is technically a life coach... {They} work primarily with women and mothers, but they don’t see themselves as “just” one type of coach, because, well, humans are complex. Mom coaching is about encompassing every part of a woman and mother (because they’re all intertwined), and acknowledging the unique challenges that motherhood can bring." -Chaunie Brusie



Group coaching is a popular, affordable and interactive alternative to individual coaching focusing on a topic shared by the group. Support and accountabilities can be used to ensure that group members actually apply the content from coaching sessions through book studies, etc. Coaching has been proven to be a powerful means to cultivate change in people using other people. In some formats of group coaching, the members not only get coached, but they practice coaching their peers. Group coaching is interactive and filled with the creative force of many minds coming together to encourage change in each other. There is often as much laughter as there is learning.

Group (or parent) coaching involves weekly sessions for a period of 2-3 months (depending on topic). Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes. Work within the sessions is a combination of individual and group activities. Read below for some examples of questions/topics for group coaching. Contact me if there is a topic for group coaching you would like to be considered for a customized group.

Is your work not working for you as a parent or parent-to-be? Are you stuck on whether to reduce your work, work-from-home, stay-at-home or change jobs? Are you wondering how you can manage parenthood and professional life? Want to figure it out with others in the same boat?

Are you pregnant? Shopping for a stroller? Filling out your birth plan? STOP. You need a plan that will allow you to get rest, get fed, get showered and get out of the house when you need some me or we time. You need a plan for how to remain "awake" amidst the prolonged sleep deprivation that comes with newborn care. You need to understand perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and how they affect dads, too.



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