Moxie Motherhood is focused on supporting the strongest version of you through the motherhood journey. I help with this through counseling, life coaching and support groups. I also teach classes on a number of relevant topics that strengthen your relationships to withstand the emotional challenges presented by infertility and pregnancy through parenting. My educational background is in the fields of psychology and clinical social work. I enjoy supporting persons impacted by PMS, PMDD, decisions on conception and family planning, infertility and fertility treatments, pregnancy, loss and pregnancy after loss, adoption, surrogacy, postpartum and postplacement adjustment, child feeding challenges, perimenopause and menopause, gynecological conditions, perineal trauma and recovery, obstetric violence, cancer, hysterectomy, lumpectomy and mastectomy.


"Prioritizing our maternal mental health before and after baby needs to become the norm — not the exception."  -Jen Schwartz

Persons trying to conceive and those who are pregnant will likely spend most of their time managing nausea, fatigue, swelling, moodiness and other discomforts. Their diets and schedules will change. They, along with their partners (and those anxiously awaiting to adopt) will weed through a multitude of appointments and paperwork, plan who and how to care for their baby, navigate maternity/paternity leave, research baby items and prepare their home. Even before  a bump or a "bundle of joy", parents-to-be and parents-again start sacrificing their physical, mental and emotional needs in an effort to grow their family.

Many of the mood changes associated with these experiences go unrecognized and untreated in our community. People deserve better. Families deserve better.

Personal and professional experiences guide us in life. Moxie was born from my early experiences in hospital pediatric units, family clinics, cancer support groups and military new parent support programs and parent coaching prior to opening a private practice. My own struggles with painful periods, getting pregnant, staying pregnant, delivering a healthy baby and surviving postpartum anxiety led to a growing passion to support others through reproductive journey. I co-founded a pregnancy and postpartum peer support program in my community, and I have been active with 2020Mom and Postpartum Support International. I have learned a lot along the way.

Here’s what I wish was part of every assessment by a provider in a OB/Gyn health or early childhood health visit.

  • Psychoeducation.

    • Conversations about the association between health and decision-making as well as reproductive health and treatment on mental health and the impact on parents, children and families.

  • Normalization.

    • Mood and Anxiety Disorders are real and deserve attention by specialized providers versed in maternal and paternal mental health, trauma-informed care and cultural humility.

  • Connection.

    • You are not alone. When possible, a support system should be identified and appropriate community resources provided to assist people in addressing their mental health.

  • Validation.

    • There is a lot of stigma associated with mental health, particularly directed at people from marginalized groups. There are also assessment and treatment options that honor language, gender, orientation and culture.

  • Empowerment

    • Take control of what you have control over. For example, throw out your birth plan and replace it with a postpartum support plan. Speak up if your provider is not listening to you or is making you feel uncomfortable.

  • Encouragement

    • There may be something "wrong", but there is nothing wrong with YOU. Mental illness is treatable. Suffering can be replaced by hope. Relationships can recover.


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Motherhood brings you to your knees in a way that doesn't leave room for you to judge others. It makes you see that there's no ideal - a constant struggle, constantly compromising, but ultimate love. -Maggie Gyllenhaal


Force of character; determination; nerve; vigor; verve; pep; courage; resolve; spunk; tenacity; skill; know-how. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

Sleepless nights of early motherhood....

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CA License No. LCSW 82213

(Texas License No. 35678)

Master of Science in Social Work, University of Texas at Austin​

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

Associate of Arts Degree in Spanish, Monterey Defense Language Institute​

Your Beyond Coaching, Course Completion

Group Coaching Expands the Independent Practice, Course Completion

Premarital Interpersonal Choices and Knowledge, Instructor Certification ​

Lasting Intimacy through Nurturing Knowledge and Skills, Instructor Certification​

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Love and Logic Parenting, Instructor Certification​

123 Magic Parenting, Curriculum Instruction

Common Sense Parenting, Curriculum Instruction 

Postpartum Support International Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training for Mental Health and Clinical Professionals

Postpartum Support International Member

2020Mom Ambassador (2019/2020)

Napa Moms Member

National Association of Social Workers Member

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